Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I learned...

How incredible it is to say that you've learned something, not just in knowledge, but more-so about yourself. Life is a journey, a journey through your own elements.  You see things differently through your own eyes, you hear things differently through your own ears.  You taste, feel and smell everything differently.

Sometimes I really do wonder if we are stuck in the matrix.  We are guided through every day, believing that what we are told, just is.  For example, the color red, to me is a deep but bright hue that is next to the color orange on the spectrum of colors, however, how does that explain what it looks like?  I could say, oh well, an apple is red, (but not all apples are, either) and I would just believe that we see red the same because we are taught to understand that an apple is red, an orange is orange, a banana is yellow, so on and so on.  Completely elementary, I know..... BUT there's the expression "Well, what do ya know, ya learn something new everyday", right?  Well, let's take that one step further and try to learn something new about ourselves everyday.

As an individual, you are growing each and every day, based on your experiences of yesterday.  It can something as little as noticing that you are reacting just a little differently to a situation that arises frequently, or something as big as you finally letting go of that one thing that is holding you from your true potential.

So what did I learn yesterday?  I learned that people appreciate.  It's as simple as that.  And you should appreciate.  Appreciate everything for what it's worth TO YOU!  NEVER undervalue your sense of appreciation, as it is unique to you and only you.  No one else can ever understand your true sense of the appreciation you have for people, places and things that surround you.

Sending love, light and happiness to all my readers!

I appreciate you all more then you could ever realize!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


The essence of a woman is a kind heart, a loving touch, a beautiful smile, a sparkle in her eye and a passion for life.  This is what drives me, what allows me to find beauty in all things.  My passion for life is what opens my heart to receive love.  My kind heart is what puts the love in my touch.  My loving touch is what puts the sparkle in my eye.  When you see the sparkle in my eye you know I am living with the passion that it all starts with.
Written in 2012

I am worth it.

My daily affirmation: certain things have come, certain people have gone. people have resurfaced and some have faded away. a few things have been lost, and a few found. and I am OK with it all. insecurities are finding their way to the door too. I am the earth, the water, the air and the fire. I just am. I am worth it.

Written 7/31/12


Breathe in the morning air and exhale all of your worries from yesterday! 'Tis a new day for you to make a difference in your own life!!

Written 8/1/12


What does your future look like? Do you see a happy, bright, shiny future? Do you see what you like? Whether or not you do, don't get too caught up in what you think you see that you forget to live for today! After all, today, it's all we really have, until it becomes a part of our past and it's up to YOU to decide how you are going live.

Written 8/3/12


Be grateful for today, it was given to you, as a gift, never take that gift for granted, you are expected to do great things with that gift, so get out there and go do them!!!!!

Written 8/4/12


It was right there in front of you this whole time, your happiness, maybe you just never seen it, or perhaps you did, it just always seemed a bit out of reach, take a moment to breathe in the joys of today and forget the sorrows of yesterday, and allow yourself to be filled with the happiness that you crave!

Written: 8/5/12